Root Canals


Root Canals or Endodontics

Root canal therapy is the treatment of a tooth with a diseased or infected nerve. When root canal treatment is needed, we use our in-house board certified specialist or endodontist. Therefore, during your visit, you have the unique advantage of having both your general dentist and your specialist collaborating in the same office simultaneously! Not many dental practices can offer such coverage. We do not need to refer you out to another office and can complete all your treatment here.

In the past, a tooth in need of root canal had to be removed. With advancement in dentistry, many of these teeth can now be treated successfully. We make every effort to save your tooth with minimal discomfort. We want to help you preserve your natural teeth for good.

Root Canal Treatment

When teeth develop dental decay, the spread of the cavity over time damages the enamel and dentin. Eventually, the cavity extends to the pulp of the tooth. This area has the blood and nervous supply to the tooth. Since this area is a closed space the infection can not easily resolve and the pulp becomes infected and necrotic. The patient usually feels pain and at times significant swelling develops. The treatment involves removal of infected pulp chamber and replacement with special material that permanently seal the tooth.

If deemed hopeless, the tooth may be eligible for a future implantbridge or partial denture.

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