Kid’s Dentistry

Kid’s Dentistry

Dr. Behroozan offers comprehensive family and kid’s dentistry. We will go above and beyond to make the child’s dental experience enjoyable and to promote good oral hygiene habits at an early age. We will take our time with your child and offer instructional cartoons and educational videos prior to starting any treatment with your child. Further, we invite the parents into the room with the child at every check-up so that we can collaborate as a team.

Dr. Behroozan recommends that the first visit to the dentist should occur within 6 months following your child’s first tooth eruption, but no later than 1 year of age. Children need their teeth as much as adults do to chew and smile. Dr. Behroozan’s philosophy on kid’s dentistry and training emphasizes prevention and oral hygiene education for both the parent and child. If the teeth are allowed to become decayed, the child will suffer from pain, possible infection, and an inability to eat properly which leads to poor nutrition. Decayed teeth can also affect a child’s social life and lead to teasing at school and play due to discoloration of the teeth and bad breath. Finally, if baby teeth are removed due to decay before the adult teeth arrive, shifting of the teeth with space loss will occur which may lead to serious crowding once the permanent teeth erupt.

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