Slide Yosi P. Behroozan, D.D.S. is a 5-star, top-rated general & cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica who is a graduate & clinical instructor of the UCLA School of Dentistry. Since graduating in 2002, he has built his practice with the concept of ethical, comprehensive, quality dental care for the entire family. WATCH VIDEO Slide Brighten Your Smile Our team of UCLA dentists take pride in delivering consistent, conservative oral health & needs-based dentistry. WATCH VIDEO

Multi-Specialty Premier Care

Our team of UCLA general & cosmetic dentists all have over a dozen years of experience.We also proudly feature board certified specialists consisting of an endodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, and implantologist. This is unique in that both your general dentist & your specialist collaborate in the same office simultaneously helping deliver comprehensive, all-phase dentistry! Whether you need basic care or specialty care, our dental team can accommodate everyone’s needs.

Dr. Yosi P. Behroozan offers comprehensive dental services for the entire family. We invite you to preview a variety of some of the many services offered.


Comprehensive Dental Services


Invisalign: A Comprehensive Guide to Teeth Straightening

Having straight teeth is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also helps to maintain proper dentalhealth. Invisalign, a clear aligner treatment,...
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Specialties In Dentistry

Specialties exist for most fields of healthcare to best serve our needs.  Our mouths have a grand total of 32...
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5 Practical Suggestions To Help Prevent Cavities

We can all jump on google and read endless information on how to prevent cavities. This is yet another example,...
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Tooth Loss And Related Dental Consequences

A frequent question that is often asked of dentists is a patient wondering if there are any consequences to tooth...
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Dental X-Rays: Minimizing Radiation Exposure

Each day patients ask me to avoid taking dental x-rays and help minimize their exposure to radiation. Rightfully so. No...
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Gum Disease Affects Your Health

Gum disease can affect the health of your whole body. Over the years, studies have proven a definitive link between...
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Root Canal Or Endodontic Treatment

Oftentimes, patients wonder what causes the need for endodontic or root canal treatment. Let’s begin by explaining what exactly root...
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A Santa Monica Dentist’s Discovery Of One Secret To Longevity: Flossing!

As a dentist who has practiced throughout many cities in California, I have had the pleasure of interacting with various...
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